Adsdeck is a search engine for classified ads. There is now a growing number of websites which offer cars properties and jobs. Adsdeck centralise in one place all this information and makes the search process more easy.

The main objective of Adsdeck is that you can perform a single search covering the main web sites of classified ads of cars, properties and jobs. Also, we offer some additional tools such as geographical visualization of the properties, the average market price of the existing properties (eg price per sqft in your neighborhood), statistics and features like saving your search and email alerts.

Since there are hundreds of classified ads sites, now you only have to look at one: Adsdeck


Unlike the typical web sites for classified ads, Adsdeck doesn't post adds from the users but allows you to search the existing adds of those sites. Adsdeck is a 100%% free service for users and web sites that provide us with their ads.

Our philosophy is to help to solve the problem of finding your next cars, property or job with a single search that lets you get as many options and in gives you the tools to make the best decision.

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