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Manchester Metropolitan University

All Saints Building
All Saints
United Kingdom (UK)
M15 6BH
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Our Mission

We are a great, modern university, in a great global city, here to make an impact on Manchester, our nation and beyond, with a driving ambition to discover and disseminate knowledge, and make higher education accessible and beneficial to all those with the passion and ability to succeed.

We work closely with our city, with business, the community and our academic peers - locally, nationally and internationally - to be inventive and creative, generate great opportunities, and enable our students, colleagues and everyone whose lives we touch to make an impact.

Our Approach

Our strategic themes are the backdrop for our plans and strategies, setting the tone for our approach. We will illustrate them with compelling stories of our achievements, capturing our strengths, firing the imagination of our staff, and inspiring us to ever greater success. Through them, we will demonstrate the ambition, creativity and impact that characterise Manchester Metropolitan University.


A university with all the drive and spirit of a great global city

You can feel the energy. In the place. In the buildings. In the students and staff. You can sense the determination to succeed. Manchester Metropolitan is a great modern university, in a great global city, and we share the same drive and spirit to explore, create, invent, re-invent and make the world take notice.


Setting the bar higher to make more of an impact

We are ambitious and happy to shout about it. Ambitious for our students. Ambitious for our staff. For our partners. And for ourselves as an academic institution. We expect a lot from everyone who studies and works here. Set high standards and measure our success by the impacts we make academically, and in business and society.


Reaching out to push the boundaries of the possible

Education, and particularly higher education, should always be a collaborative process and here at Manchester Metropolitan our world is enriched and our achievements made more effective through partnership at every level.


Making a contribution not just to one community, but to many

We are an active, energetic and engaged university, putting our thinking and ideas, our research and knowledge to work in the real world. So our staff, students and alumni contribute not only to the Manchester Metropolitan community, but to all the communities and lives we touch.


Working hard now and in the future to help craft a better world

Higher education exists in an increasingly dynamic, demanding and competitive world, where to stand still is to go backwards. At Manchester Metropolitan, we have a conscious cultural commitment to maintaining our energy levels and continuing to drive up academic and creative standards, achievements in research, and engagement in the community.

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