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Located in the beautiful seaside village Waterville, on the Ring of Kerry, Sea Synergy enables people to discover what lies beneath the Wild Atlantic Way through an informative and interactive marine interpretive centre and lots of activities for all ages. The centre also supports wildlife charities such as Birdwatch Ireland and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

Sea Synergy Awareness Centre

The interpretive centre holds some very rare whale and dolphin skulls and bones, models of fish, live animals in the tanks, a touch pool, an Irish marine life audio visual, exhibits on Irish whales and dolphins and lots more interactive displays for everyone to enjoy discovering Irelands fantastic marine life! A marine biologist is available to explain the amazing sea life found in the centre and in Irish waters.

Evening talks & presentations such as:

- Irish whales and dolphins
- What the sea means to me
- Shark tales
- Marine Creature Feature
- Being a marine biologist
- Offshore Ireland - what is out there?

Sea Synergy Activities

We provide fun and interesting activities for both kids and adults (the big kids!) to discover Irelands' marine life and the importance of the sea in our daily lives. Nature connection is a key part of learning in all workshops. Sea Synergy is also involved in Coastwatch and Shore Thing surveys and Clean Coasts initiatives participating in beach cleans in which part of each workshop a 5 minute beach clean is undertaken to raise awareness of marine litter and help clear the beach of litter.

Activities and workshops include:

- Explore the Seashore & Rocky shore rambles beach workshops
- Marine Creature Feature workshop
- Beach Art & Litter Awareness workshop
- Discover Snorkelling courses
- Be a marine biologist for the day workshop
- Sea stars – guided beach walk @ night

Sea Synergy packages include:

Entrance to Sea Synergy centre &

- Marine wildlife watching trips
- Sea sport activities
- Seafood tasters
- Gourmet seafood platter in local seafood restaurant
- Discover Snorkelling course
- Seaweed discovery tour
- Beach workshops
- Birthday party packages
and lots more!!!

Sea Synergy collaborates with and promotes local marine activity providers such as sea sports centres, wildlife watching trips, boat tours and fishing trips.

Sea Synergy Marine Awareness and Activity centre was founded by marine biologist Lucy Hunt who grew up in Waterville and loves sharing her passion of the marine environment with everyone. Most of the workshops, talks and courses are conducted by her with one or more trained marine biologists to assist in supervision and activities.

Sea Synergy aims to bring people and the marine environment together to have a better overall understanding of Irelands' marine biodiversity through interesting exhibits, fun workshops and activities, in turn creating appreciation, marine stewardship and conservation.

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