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Get outside!

Our mission is to make nature accessible by providing highly confortable eco-lofts in areas of great natural beauty. Every details, from the soap we use to our booking experience, has to facilitate this access while respecting our host environment. We specifically design every single site so it merges in the local natural landscape and provides the best experience for our visitors and the local community.

The end of traditional tourism

A desire to protect wildlife and flora
An acknowledgment of our environmental responsibility
A will to adopt cutting-edge sustainability technologies
A promise to provide superior quality ecotourism lodging.

A stay with us is not only a relaxing trip, it’s an immersion in nature. We aim to provide cutting edge confort and foster an awareness of environmental responsibility, by making people aware of the impact of their actions and choices regarding their use of resources.

Proud to be GREEN !

Zoobox is proud to have obtained the very first platinum LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). We aim to connect our visitors with nature by providing high comfort through green technologies.

We chose to build on pillars and only on a 50m2 area to minimize our footprint
80% of our building is recyclable or reusable
70% of our building is from local sources
Every Zoobox is built to be off the grid and powered by green energy
Our insulation standards are always above industry standards in order to minimize energy consumption
Waste system is inspected and controlled during the installation to maximize recycling
Protection of the surrounding environment and erosion are carefully monitored and protection measures are always exceeded on our sites

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