GreenEnergyNet or ‘GEN’ ( is a UK-focused online community and magazine for owners and aspiring owners of green energy solutions.  These can be businesses or households.  It is completely free to become a Member – it takes 30 seconds to register from .  Organisations can also join GEN as Supporters for free or, for a small annual fee, they can become Premier Supporters.  All organisations appear in our Supporters Directory.

Households and organisations are being encouraged to make their properties more energy efficient and, where possible, to generate their own renewable energy.  But this means making costly, long-term decisions in a marketplace that is complex, fast-moving and frequently dominated by inaccurate sales information.  

GEN provides its members with all the latest news in the UK green energy sector so they can keep-up with developments.  It also offers access to trustworthy, independent advice from experts working in this area.  We produce guides on technology and Government incentive schemes and review products and services that lead the market or offer a new, innovative approach.  GEN aims to guide the home or business owner through the maze of market options and giving them the  knowledge and confidence to move projects forward.  It will also allow them to exchange ideas and experience with others in similar positions.

So whether you are wondering if the Green Deal could help you insulate your home, whether it’s worth investing in solar PV, which wind turbine will optimise your site, or whether a biomass boiler is the best way to reduce your oil bills GEN can help.  

GEN is self-funded, un-connected to Government, and therefore truly impartial. Our over-riding aim is to "tell it like it is" and direct our members to the best possible green energy solutions on the market.

We welcome your feedback.To contact us:

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