Irish Wind Energy Association

IWEA comprises two separate entities, the Irish Wind Energy Association which is committed to the promotion and education of wind energy issues and IWEA which is the legal entity charged with conference organisation, lobbying and policy development. IWEA is committed to promoting the use of wind energy in Ireland and beyond as an economically viable and environmentally sound alternative to thermal or nuclear generation.

Wind has been the world's fastest growing renewable energy source for the last seven years, and this trend is expected to continue with falling costs of wind energy and the urgent international need to tackle CO2 emissions to prevent climate change.

Our primary purpose is to promote the use of wind power in Ireland. We act as a central point for information for our membership as well as a lobbying group to promote wind energy to government. We research and find solutions to current issues and generally act as the forum for the Irish wind industry.


  • Working to influence government policy on Renewable Energy
  • Working to ensure fair access to the Irish Electricity Grid
  • Working to reform and improve the Planning Process for wind farms
  • Organising highly informative Conferences bi-annually
  • Making Submissions and Proposals to decision-making bodies for the betterment of the Irish wind industry
  • Making Recommendations to Government on proposed legislation
  • Working closely with relevant statutory agencies such as Eirgrid, CER, DCENR, ESBN and SEI to progress the main objectives of the Irish Wind Industry.
  • Advancing wind energy through membership of relevant national and international technology and policy bodies
  • Commissioning authoritative Reports on key issues for the industry
  • Working with the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in Brussels on European-level initiatives


The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) is the Ireland's leading renewable energy body with over 300 members. Incorporating all of the leading industry voices, IWEA is leading the Irish debate on wind energy.

Membership of IWEA means being part of the forum for companies active in the Irish wind industry. This section of the website contains information about our levels of membership, member companies, information about how to join IWEA and links to secure members only area

Levels of Membership

IWEA currently has four different levels of membership which provide subscribers with corresponding levels of service and entitlements. Whatever the size of your company or even if you would like to become a personal member, there is a level of membership that caters to your individual needs. The four different membership levels are:

Commercial Memberships

  • Sustaining Members
  • Corporate Members
  • Associate Members

Personal Memberships

  • Ordinary Member


Ireland has one of the richest wind resources in the world giving Ireland huge potential to be a world leader in the harnessing, development and exportation of wind energy. As a country which has historically been heavily reliant on fossil fuel imports for its energy, the importance of maximising the benefits of one of our few indigenous energy resources is crucial in ensuring a secure energy supply into the future which is insulated from the major price volatility risk that is regularly experienced on world energy markets. 

In order to increase public awareness and promote an understanding of these issues the wind information section of the IWEA website contains almost 100 frequently asked questions on wind energy and its benefits for Ireland. The section also discusses the many different considerations that need to be addressed with regard to individual project planning, finance and grid connection. The IWEA encourages all individuals to visit the IWEA website and contact the IWEA at with any further queries.


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