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Is your CV online? If not, there is every chance that you could be missing out on a wealth of new and exciting job opportunities and a chance to land the career you’ve previously only dreamed about.

At GreenJobs we believe that the process of getting your online CV up and running should be kept as simple as possible. Our handy FAQ section will provide you with the stepping stones you need to get your CV online in order to market you to the many recruiters that are using GreenJobs. In this section, we have presented the questions that the GreenJobs team gets asked most frequently.

Why put your CV on GreenJobs?

GreenJobs was launched to provide a job board for leading recruiters, employers and job seekers to access the widest range of currently available jobs in the green sector. We advertise the best and most sought-after green jobs in the market.

Putting your CV on to the GreenJobs site will instantly provide you with the following benefits:

  • Easily Updated - Your CV can be kept up to date with the minimum of hassle. Any new qualifications or a change of address can be updated within seconds.
  • Instant Job-hunting - Once your CV is saved onto the GreenJobs website, you can apply for jobs as soon as you see them.
  • Sends your CV in real time - Your CV will go straight into the employer’s inbox within seconds - beats snail mail hands down!

Do I have to pay any fees to register?

No. All of GreenJobs job seekers’ services are absolutely FREE!

Will my CV be confidential?

Your CV will be protected by the GreenJobs stringent privacy policy. Your CV will only be available to view by those recruiters that have signed a confidentiality agreement with us. Your details will only be seen by professional employers in the green sector. This means that idle online traffickers will not have access to your CV. Furthermore our technology allows you to hide your contact details from recruiters so that your privacy is maintained.

How long will my CV be kept on GreenJobs?

Unless you delete your CV it can be kept on GreenJobs indefinately.

How do I post my CV on GreenJobs?

Posting your CV online to the GreenJobs website is very easy. The first thing you need to do is to log onto our site and click on the ‘Register Now” button. This will bring you to a new page with clear instructions of how to register. This is a simple process that takes seconds and opens up a treasure trove of jobs to you.

Open your GreenJobs account now

Please Note

Existing users can login in to their new GreenJobs account by entering their username and password.

How do I delete my job seeker account from GreenJobs?

To delete your account please login and scroll to the bottom of the job seeker menu. Here you will find a link to the candidate cancellation form. This page will allow you to fully unsubscribe and delete your details from our database. However, if you want to re-register in the future, you can do so in a matter of minutes.

How often is the GreenJobs job board updated?

The job board operates in real time and is updated continuously. An employer, or recruiter, can post a job at any time and the board will instantly be updated. The site is monitored by the GreenJobs team daily to ensure that all jobs are fully upto date and those that have been filled are immediately removed.

Will GreenJobs be able to help me find a job?

GreenJobs will improve your chances to find suitable and relevant industry roles in less time than other methods of job searching. Our site exclusively advertises green positions at all levels and within a variety of specialist sectors. You will get quicker and more relevant results when you search our jobs database.

Do I have to register with GreenJobs to apply for a job?

No. But registering with GreenJobs gives you a lot of extra functionality such as “job alerts by email” that will making finding a job easier and will also mean that you do not miss out on your dream job.

How long are jobs posted on the site for?

The length of time that jobs are posted for is six weeks, however some vacancies will be on the website for longer than this. At GreenJobs we endeavour to advertise only the freshest, current jobs. Vacancies that have been filled are deleted from the site so only the newest available jobs are advertised. That way you can be confident that you are not applying for a stale job or one that has already been filled.

Can I apply to as many jobs as I want or is there a limit?

There is no limit whatsoever. Feel free to apply to as many jobs as you feel match your skills and industry experience. However, please be respectful of an employers time and only apply to jobs you qualify for as they will quickly discard a CV that doesn’t meet the outlined criteria. If you are unsure if you fit the bill, contact a member of the GreenJobs team, who will be happy to advise you.

Best of luck with finding your next dream role!

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